How to walk a cat

2011/07/12 § 1 Comment

Yesterday night it was warm and humid in my bedroom, hence I opened the window and took a fresh breath of air, leaning over the windowsill. What I saw intrigued me. A man walking up the road stopping for no apparent reason. He stopped, walked back. Obviously waiting for something. A moment later a black cat sneaked around the corned. The man turned and walked on up the road. At first I thought this is a coincidence. Noone does walk a cat. No one actually could walk a cat. But I kept observing in disbelieve. The man walked on up the road. He took slow strides, eventually stopping again. The cat seemed to follow him. But I was not convinced, as the cat stopped to explore the cars and sidewalk. But sure enough, after he had walked on for quite a distance and the cat had left my sight completely he turned again. He could not see the cat (she was in between cars I had seen from above). so he returned for a few meters. And sure enough, the cat showed up again and followed him again. This game went on for some time until I lost sight of the pair. I was intrigued. Another thing learned. You can- contrary to what people say, walk a cat. Just lo(o)se(n) the leash. They key is patience. I should have figured. I am sure though the cat was convinced she walked the man. It is all make believe with these creatures. Cats…


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  • faye a b says:

    not so sure you are talking about cats here…;)

    what i gleen from this account is the beauty of allowing freedom. some cats, known for their emotional expression and independance, require patience from others as they move to the beat of their own drum. the man, i think, enjoys the prowess of his feline in his general vicinity as well as the freedom of walking at his own pace, enjoying the evening in his way as the cat hers. or his.

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