Peak-oil: The End of Society as we know it

2011/02/06 § 1 Comment

Startling how the media works. I do not believe (contrary to some) that the topic of peak oil is suppressed actively by the media outlets that surround us, I think our journalists and reporters merely suck. They are writers, not thinkers or experts, and usually they have not learned anything but writing. Hence who would expect them to inform us about anything of real relevance to our life’s when all that counts are readers, listeners and viewers ratings.

Ultimately the fault therefore of course lies on the part of the audience. It does feel as if most americans are more interested in the superbowl than the pressing economical and ecological issues that surround them. Also many europeans apparently rather indulge in song-contests and sport events than the most pressing issues we will have to encounter during our life time’s.

It frustrates me to see that it is apparently more important to many if a player named Torres changes from one football club to another , or what fancy new sporting events are going on than if society as we know it will have a chance to continue. I do not mean to be alarmist, however, peak-oil is arguably the single most important incident for our generation, and it will change the life’s of generations to come. We could prevent the worst if we were willing to see. But the issue seems to be too complex and intangible for most.

Well, there is hope. Bizarrely it stems simply from the fact that people care about their economy more than anything else. Luckily, peak-oil is going to affect people’s economy rather dramatically by increasing prices on all goods, especially food. Let’s just hope that a change of attitude does not come to late. This rant ultimately is an appeal, that change for once should stem from reason rather than egoism. But maybe that is too much to expect from human kind? We will have to wait and see, I am afraid.

For more info on this feel free to read the articles I have written on the topic over the yeas:


Pretty much as predicted by the peak-oil models, a world after peak-oil will experience a bumpy ride between economic crisis and recovery.

The actual reason for prices to react so erratic is the fact that in a recovering economic situation after peak-oil we produce already close at maximal capacity. Every small decrease in production hits through in full on the price since there is no reserve production capacity. This is really 101 of demand and supply curves…


Article on peak-oil in German and many links in English
Article on peak oil and interesting videos (English)
Natural gas resource about to end
Arctic oil is no rescue
Oil industry manager admits correctness of peak-oil idea
Problems for aviation due to peak-oil
How ignorance repeatedly causes problems


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  • Pops says:

    Hi David,

    I agree, the media is not actively “covering up” peak oil, they are simply a business and they need to sell ads and PO only does that in certain markets.

    I’ve been talking about PO on the ‘net for years and have had two contacts with the “main stream media”, once with CNN and once with a print reporter for a St. Louis Missouri magazine. After talking about PO with the CNN producer for just a few minutes, I realized they were going for the “survivalist” angle, not the PO story, so I declined their offer to visit my farm to tape me and my chickens – of course they found a different subject that fit their story angle and had chickens too.

    The magazine reporter on the other hand did a good job at reporting the basic facts around PO without sensationalism (even though Hienburg got more ink than me, LOL).

    Anyway, I’ve decided the “MSM” is 99% mute on PO simply because the average media consumer is 99% disinterested. Joe 6-Pack has little interest in hearing anything that doesn’t fit his preconceived world view and wouldn’t change a thing (except the channel) even if he were bombarded with PO 24/7. Those of us thinking about resource constraints aren’t wiser, PO simply jibes more naturally with our world view.

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