The purest form of alternative, holistic and natural medicine

2011/01/07 § 5 Comments

A recent article about Vaccination and its proclaimed risks has again caused much debate. There are some things I never understand about people who are against vaccination. I think they have misunderstood:

Vaccination follows the homeopathic “law of similar”, i.e. to heal something with a remedy that is similar to the ill itself and therefore can cause similar (if milder) symptoms. Of course, in reality homeopathy does no such thing, however, vaccination sure does. It takes something from nature, parts of a virus or bacterium for instance, and applies it to a person in order to help that person help itself. What a wonderful and natural way of preventing disease!

Vaccination strengthens the body to fight off disease itself, so no drugs will ever have to be administered. What a wonderful and natural way of treating people. The best part is, that it makes “healing” unnecessary, since disease does not even occur anymore. This is a truly alternative way of dealing with disease!

Child_with_Smallpox_Bangladesh (Source: Wikipedia, smallpox)

Child_with_Smallpox_Bangladesh (Source: Wikipedia, smallpox)

Additionally, vaccination follows the idea of holistic treatment which is so popular amongst the proponents of alternative treatments. It helps the WHOLE body to fight of a bug, instead of treating a symptom, which is such a taboo amongst “alternative health practitioners”. Vaccination is a truly holistic method to fight disease!

Contrary to common believe, vaccination is one of the true success stories of medicine. Using vaccination the smallpox, a terrible disease, hardly anyone today has experienced, has been eradicated! And in 2010 another disease, the Rinderpest has also been eradicated! What a great success!

If it were not for people being ill-informed about this wonderful treatment other diseases would have joined the list of eradicated diseases. Think about it, no other alternative medicine than vaccination has ever managed to get rid of a disease once and for all! And the best part is, that the side-effects are truly minor. Modern vaccinations only cause mild discomforts that are in fact a positive sign, indicating that the body takes care of learning to defend itself. Because this is what vaccination is: a training program for the body that teaches it to help itself! Simply marvelous!

Too bad some out there have not joined in, in this alternative way of healing but instead trust in spoil-sports who hate the success of such a fantastic treatment.

If you think about it, would not the pharmaceutical industry have an interest to forbid vaccination, ’cause it takes their chance away to sell you drugs a life long- which actually is the real money maker, instead of healing, as vaccination does it? (In fact, the revenue from vaccines was appr. 2% of total revenue in 2006. Check global revenue here and vaccine revenue here)

And would you not expect the “alternative medicine proponents” to be the most glowing advocates of vaccination, due to its very nature? The reasoning of anti-vaccination campaigners never made sense to me, in that they think vaccination is the great gain for the industry. Even if it were, it is still a save and wonderful way of getting rid of ills that plague human kind!

And best of all, it should appeal to all the hippies and homeopaths out there, because it heals holistically, alternatively and in the most natural fashion! Maybe they just did not know that about vaccination??

Update: More about the topic in a DN article about the “vaccine bluff”

Funny how anti-vaccination lobbyists repeatedly speak of studies being rigged by big pharma. However, what actually has been rigged really is one of the very few studies that called certain vaccines into question due to a claim that they cause autism by Andrew Wakefield. Now all studies by Andrew Wakefield will be checked thoroughly.


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§ 5 Responses to The purest form of alternative, holistic and natural medicine

  • BladeRunner says:

    Excellent blog post! If Big Pharma were truly evil money grubbers they would never have invented vaccines.

  • Jonatan says:

    Vaccine Death Coverup Implodes Worldwide

    • davidkramer says:

      Hehe, Alex. “It is the vaccine causing the flu…” Funny guy. Yeah, he must be right, we all know so many people around us with neurological disorders due to flu vaccines! Ehhh, no- wait… đŸ˜€

      Feel free to read my recent post on “conspiracy theories”…

  • […] the “9-11 conspiracy”, the “Roswell cover-up conspiracy”, the “homeopathy/ vaccination conspiracy“, the “HIV hoax conspiracy“, the “global warming hoax conspiracy” and […]

  • sWiFt says:

    In light of new evidence that has emerged clearing Dr Wakefield of the allegations that he fabricated study data involving MMR vaccines and symptoms of autism, Dr Wakefield is now publicly demanding a retraction from the British Medical Journal and author Brian Deer. Documents just made public reveal that another medical research team which included a senior pathologist independently documented evidence of a possible MMR vaccine – autism link 14 months before Dr Wakefield’s paper first appears in The Lancet — based on several of the same children appearing in Dr Wakefield’s study.

    Learn more:

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