One down, too many still to go…

2011/01/07 § 4 Comments

The catholic church finally gets to the conclusion that the scientific evidence is far too pressing too maintain that god made the world in six days. Though they maintain that the big bang is the work of god, god’s space has thereby shrunk further and probably will ever more with increasing understanding of the universe. Unfortunately that admission comes too late for many who had to burn at the stakes for their attempt to make the world a somewhat more sane and enlightened place by sticking to logic, experimentation and unbiased observation.

However, let us not complain too much. It is nice to see that the church embrasses something that many of its members have done for a long time, i.e. to reconcile undeniable scientific truths with the bronce age myths the bible tells us about. Admittedly, I briefly hesitated to use the term “truth”, for as a scientist I know of the implications of this term. But since the opponents of science facts use it so inflationary I think I may as well for a change.

Unfortunately there are still too many people out there who deny strongly even the most established scientific foundations. One of these being the laws of evolution. Sadly, even though the evidence on all levels, from molecular biology, over geology, climatology, astronomy, to anthropolgy, and on to basically any other science one could think of is impressive and undeniable- some still manage to deny it. The dark force of ignorance is strong in them.

But what the heck. In England faiths schools are even working hard to further undermine scientific understanding. I have written about the lack of science education in this blog previously and won’t repeat myself. However, feel free to check a recent documentary by Prof. Dawkins about the menace of faith schools.

All in all this is a good day for human kind, even though there still is a lot of darkness that has to be enlightened.


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§ 4 Responses to One down, too many still to go…

  • Mathias says:

    …and in the beginning God created the top-quark.

  • Pierre says:

    you might find it interesting that the roman-catholic church has rejected the book of genesis as literal since a long long time ago.

    Here are some tidbits about how the Roman-Catholic church revises their approach to faith over time.

    here is an article about the father of the big bang theory.

    i hope this helps

    • davidkramer says:

      Thanks very much Pierre, highly interesting indeed. In fact, I had almost forgotten that Lemaitre was a catholic priest. Good stuff. However, I am afraid that this is a topic of some debate even today amongst catholic christians, no matter what Ratzinger’s position on the topic of literal versus allegorical genesis reading is (

      But more worrying than the catholic church and its rather tranquil behavior, when it comes to these scientific topics (even on evolution), is to me the whole issue of US reborn christians and other types of sects that strongly fight for a literal understanding of genesis and the insane notion of creationism. I will never get how anyone can ignore some of the strongest evidence there is. Especially being a geneticist I find it mind boggling how one could ignore that the laws of evolution are amongst the best established we have in all of science…

  • Jerry says:

    Guds hand ligger bakom “Big bang”, men vem ligger bakom Gud?

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