Browser benchmark speed-test for Apple Mac

2011/01/05 § 2 Comments

A recent report revealed that Firefox is now Europe’s browser Number 1. Using SunSpider I have been comparing the main browsers for Apple performing three browser benchmark tests each and calculating the averages (not testing Camino, and certainly not needing to test Internet Explorer). The browsers in this speed test were:

The outcome surprised me somewhat, is on the other hand similar to tests performed by others, as a quick google search revealed.

The Chrome Browser leads over Opera with 451 ms versus 481 ms. This is admittedly a marginal difference. However, the import of bookmarks into Chrome is a piece of cake and somewhat more convenient in my opinion than the same import into Opera. More importantly, Chrome also imports the history and uses the MAC keychain, which means that it feels like a complete transfer to a new browser, i.e. you can use all previously visited webpages from your history and Chrome knows all passwords (if you decided to save any previously). This is a great feature that Opera does not offer.

Despite this drawback, the Opera 11.0 browser gives a very decent impression. There are plenty of smart functions, add-ons and features. I appreciate the possibility to stack tabs for instance by themes. This helps organize the tabs if you prefere to open plenty of them. Also the fact that Opera offers widgets is a cute add-on. Useful is “Turbo” feature that in a very smart way speeds up the page loading, by compressing pictures. The experienced speed for opening even large pages is insane and the opening feels almost as being instantly.

Safari follows as a close third with 549 ms with Firefox far off with 1374 ms. I guess I need not describe Firefox to anyone. Sure this browser has its advantages, speed is not (any longer) one of them. Safari has bugged me lately with plenty of problems, i.e. it regularly crashed due to flash-player problems. I am not sure what all this is about but it is annoying.

I reckon I will from now on use Opera and Chrome, depending on what I am planning to do, since they have different pros and cons. I think Safari and even my beloved Firefox are dead for now. The long standing argument for me to use Safari was speed and stability, both are apparently non existent anymore.


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§ 2 Responses to Browser benchmark speed-test for Apple Mac

  • Sven Tycker says:

    I have been using Opera since “before Christ” and are very satisfied. The main problem is that there are a couple of sites that doesn’t work properly. They seems to be made exclusivily for MSIE?

  • Andy says:

    i have to agree with u wholeheartedly … Chrome and Opera is my main 2 browsers … and for social networking im using rockmelt which is based on chrome and works wonderfully well … i suggest u give that a try !!

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