iTunes bugs bug me

2009/08/31 § 1 Comment

I can honestly say that I always hated iTunes as long as I have known it. There are so many little inconveniences and inconsistencies. One wonders how that is possible in an 8.2 Version of any software? Some of the issues have repeatedly been addressed by users, basically since the dawn of the software.

One of these is that it is quite possible to delete a playlist in an instance without any “undo” function- no way to get your playlist back if you mistakenly deleted it. Now we can argue if such a mistake should happen to a user, but then again, why would we discuss that? We have gotten used to the fact that things can be made undone in every program, why not in iTunes?

The first time you delete a playlist in iTunes it will remind you that you are about to delete a potentially precious playlist, but it then even offers you to never question you in the future. Next time around your playlist would be gone if you were unwise enough to unselect the reminder. If you check the apple forum you will see that it happened to many people, but even with the reminder it can happen that you regret deleting a playlist once in a while… As is policy of apple they never reply to peoples request about this. Their service does really suck at times as most of us know who ever had a problem with apple hard- or software….

Anyhow, you may think: OK I just backup my playlists, just in case. Good thinking, but then you run into another bug. While the function exists it does not work while in “cover view”. It is “greyed out” with no other option available to get a backup of your playlist. It only works normally when in “list view” of your songs (go to “view” and select “list”).

Why? God Jobs knows….

Took me ages to figure that one out. So I post it here for you in case you run into the same bug… AAARRRGGGHHH, iTunes… Good luck!

Export itunes (8.2) playlists if it works (list view): select File – Library – Export Playlist

Export playlist working normally

Export playlist working normally

Export playlist function greyed out

Export playlist function greyed out


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§ One Response to iTunes bugs bug me

  • ICER says:

    Wow, dude, thanks!
    I couldn’t get my f***ing PlayList to export in order to solve ANOTHER issue I am having with iTunes not showing the album art on some of my very popular albums. I switched it to list view and BAM.
    Thanks again!

    P.S. I have another PlayList that can’t be exported. So what the hell, I switched it to the “Cover View” and “Export PlayList” is no longer grayed out. This is the opposite of what DK did. Might as well just try all freaking three of the views.
    Good luck with your future endeavors with failTunes.

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