Day 260 – 70842 kilometers later…the end

2009/05/21 § 1 Comment

What remains to be said? The moment when this entry is going to go online via scheduled publishing I am expected to touch down in Germany. It is most certainly going to be the most awkward feeling. When coming back from Australia after six months I remember feeling physically sick. I guess it is going to be different this time. I am for sure looking forward to meet friends and family again and slide back into normality, as it is called.

RTWI cannot claim that all questions have been answered that I directed towards this trip. Hardly any for now. But the web that our experiences are, of which we do not always see how they are connected is going to be woven partially in a postlude. It is interesting how things often come together after the fact.

Most people who returned recently struggled with the fact, but that is part of the trip I suppose. But if you really want to know what it feels like to come back from a universe of experiences and seemingly endless possibilities; if you want to know what it feels like to have embraced the world to then dive back into a physical stand-still while mentally traveling on for a while; if you need to know what it is like to make sense of nine months of unprecedented experiences- go on the trip! 🙂

For now, on a different plain, my trip continues all the way to the last stop… 😉



§ One Response to Day 260 – 70842 kilometers later…the end

  • Martin says:

    Wow what a trip. Makes me start to think about my life and the grey days I have working in the office. I think we all want to do this kind of trips but only a few manage to do it.

    Great writing I’ll read som more posts 🙂

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