Day 259 – 70482 kilometers later…what was best?

2009/05/20 § Leave a comment

Often people have asked me what I liked best on my trip. The thing is that depending on my mood different things come to mind. I assume that there is no one best thing, just a picture book full of memories. Some more pleasant than others, but sometimes you even hold the nasty, difficult and scary memories of situations very dear. Funny how the “best” does not always equal the most memorable. Sometimes it is the most novel, and that can come in any flavor of emotions.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

When I was laying in bed, trying to sleep I thought back of all that has happened. I repeated the trip in my head, by trying to remember each and every bed I have slept in. I easily got to 91, which means there were likely more than that. These beds are connected to places and people of course (no I did not share my bed with these people, no always at least 😉 ). And so my excitement due to the overwhelming amount of pictures and movies on my inner canvas kept me from sleeping, similarly to the last days before I started my trip.

Before the trip the fantasy of what would happen was intense, vague and blurry. I reminds me of the time back in the days when as a kid you had one of these books to collect stickers of the players of all teams of some football world cup. There was a spot for each player, but you never knew which ones you would be able to get and what exactly they would look like. That was the excitement of collecting them of course, and led to you bugging your parents to buy you more.

Equally the picture-book of this trip, and in a way for many parts of our lives, when we await certain occasions, was laid out in front of me before it all started. Now some of the place-holders are filled, others are still waiting to be filled. Some spots may have to remain empty I suppose, but part of the fun, as back in childhood times is the collecting.


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