Day 257 – 70842 kilometers later…ever again?

2009/05/18 § Leave a comment

It is hard to say if I will ever go on a similar trip again. I have at some time decided that I should do a long trip every six or so years. 1996 Australia, 2002 South East Asia, 2008 RTW…and 2014?

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

In a previous blog I have described how I came to the realization that ones trip is ongoing really and may as well be performed sitting at home, the trip is called life. However, of course a trip through some unknown terrain is an enhancer for ones emotions and a door to reflect differently. It forces you out of the cozy warmth of your living room into a surrounding where you want to watch out for yourself at every second of the day. Where problems occur you are never confronted with otherwise and people provide solutions for you that you could never have thought of.

To see that life is arbitrary and exhibits itself different in every corner of the world is an empowering insight. Not to take things for granted or getting stuck in them. This can easily be said by anyone, also you sitting at home, but experienced and felt most intensely likely only in a chaotic back-street of India or on top of a temple in Guatemala.

However, is it necessary to experience that again and again? I think for me it might be. And even though right now I am as saturated as one can be when it comes to any experience, I think it will grab me again, to go, to see, to feel and taste a life, so intense and real at times as never felt in my familiar environment, at times so overwhelming and pressuring as to hurt, tickle or squeeze your soul until you cry, laugh or scream.

Ever again? As long as I can walk, talk and carry a backpack…I sure think so!


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