Day 256 – 70842 kilometers later- was it worth it?

2009/05/17 § Leave a comment

25 countries, 91 beds, more than sixty-two thousand kilometers (at this point) and countless faces, stories, adventures and emotions later I am sitting in the US and reflect over what has just happened. Funny and a bit creepy how nine months can in retrospect appear like a fleeting dream. And then again, my head starts to spin if I try to remember all the people I met, all the stories I heard and

Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal, Guatemala


Has it been worth it? When I tried to answer that question for myself I realized how many people regret not doing certain things in their life. I am one of them. Either way, going on a nine months long around the world trip is not going to be one of my regrets. That does not answer the question, and I think the answer to such a question can only be answered later. How do you measure “worth”?

I assume most of us value experience and adventures to a large extend. In the end we all strive for just that with most we do. Even if we work hard to safe up money then we do that for the reason that we want to spend that money on something that is going to allow us an experience which we have not had or want to have again. May it be a car, a house, a laptop or any other possession. We want to feel how it is to drive and show of that car, what it feels like to walk in that house and receive guests or how the functions of the new laptop will make us feel satisfaction and content.

Not many people safe up money just to have money. We want an emotion and experience that is currently unknown to us. Even if the plan is to use it up during ones pension years it is an experience you want to buy with it. Often enough a round the world trip as a pensioner- if you are healthy at that point. Health, they say, is a gift that cannot be bought.

Which experiences are worth something is obviously individual. The roller coaster of emotions and experiences while traveling is worth every penny for me personally.


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