Day 254 – New York, New York…Fuck!

2009/05/16 § Leave a comment

One has to use some strong language in order to describe this place. Übercool!

New York, Apple store

New York, Apple store

It is just fantastic to run around and recognize all the landmarks you know from TV and to realize that there is so much in this city you are eerily familiar with. One of the most photographed landmarks on the planet is in New York is…can you guess what it is? Yes, the Apple Store on fifth avenue with 59th street [1] (does that sound to cool, or what?)! 😉

I bought a pair of head-buds. They stink, which is great because it gives me the oportunity to go back there today, to the temple of nerds and Apple-fan-boys…

PS BTW do not buy Shure [2] they have no resolution as compared to my much cheaper SkullCandy (but they already have a break in the cable, after some weeks!) [3]. The quest for decent sound continues…



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