Day 245 – Neues aus Königsberg

2009/05/14 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow I have to leave Montreal behind and move on to the US. I am not sure if I will make it over the border with all my stuff. I am carrying two cigars from Cuba with me. Cuban stuff, and especially cigars are illegal in the USA (remember? The Bay of pigs, CIA, communism, USSR, missile crisis, Kennedy, embargo, etc?).

Königsberg, Kanada

Königsberg, Kanada

That’s right, illegal. Pathetic I know and I still hope they don’t look for them. If they do and find them they will destroy them. Obviously promising to them that you won’t smoke them does not help. Transit or not, the cigars must die.

Now, I am surprised there is nothing in place in order to allow you to transit them stupid cigars to Europe. But their concern, as one officer told a journalist (not from the US) who got into the situation of being caught at the customs, is that a US citizen could smoke them. Aaaalright. No more questions your honor…

PS. The cigars are Cohiba, the cliche brand of Cuban cigars. And honestly, I preferred the flavor of the cigars I had bought on a farm straight from the farmer who grew the tobacco, treated and rolled it.


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