Day 244 – Americanada

2009/05/12 § Leave a comment

Canadians are very sensitive about being recognized as Canadians. They wave their flags whereever they can, stitch them to their backpacks and say “aboot” instead of “about” so that everyone may hear where they are from. However, I seriously wonder where the difference between Canada and the US is? It is well hidden.

IMG_6144To be fair, Canada appears more European, at least on the East-Coast and they do not seem to have the same full frontal, make or break approach to capitalism as the US. On the other hand they do follow their big neighbor politically all the time. Not much to do maybe with such a powerful big-brother. On the other hand, they are as keen on exploiting their natural resources as the US while destroying their foremost immaculate nature in the process. I am of course talking of tar-sands.

This is for another blog though. I am trying to just absorb what is here and realize that especially Quebec makes me feel more at home than the US has done for me so far. By looks Quebec City is a European City. Well, frankly, it looks like the Disneyland version of a French town. But somehow that might not be the worst of the two worlds, in this case. Montreal was very impressive too. Cute and pleasant to be there. A bit US a bit Europe and people from all over the world, plus a weired French language. A pleasant mix.

One of the reasons for Quebec coming across as more European to many observers may be also that Quebec orientates itself quite a bit towards the EU. They even send their own observer to meetings with the EU, which naturally pisses some Canadians off (namely non-Quebecoise). However, it is cute and pathetic at the same time how the Quebecan government tries to emanzipate itself from the rest of Canada, weakening the whole at least momentarily.

IMG_6100Who know, maybe we will see the English speaking part of Canada join the US as a 51st state, which many call Canada already anyway. And maybe then Quebec joins the EU. I guess the French would have a problem with that though, since they are the defender of the French language and they claim the Quebecans speak “English-French”. I can not see that since I understand squad what they say.

One thing so far is correct though, contrary to our lazy French friends many Quebecans speak English and do not mind to either. Very pleasant indeed. Maybe people are more practical than their government and realize that cooperation is still better than separation. Well, well, it is a complicated world, isn’t it?


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