Day 246 – Atheists’ silent protest

2009/05/10 § 1 Comment

Atheists are a minority in many countries. But while many minorities are protected in ways, like for instance via affirmative action, atheists are not. To the contrary, atheist are discriminated against: in the US fewer people would vote for an atheist in political elections than for a member of basically any other minority group.

Holy bible- a work of science fiction?

Holy bible- a work of science fiction?

I think I read somewhere on some atheist forum that we atheists should all “fight back” in a special way. The special form of protest is a rather quiet one, and as I think a rather humorist one. Whenever you are in a library feel free to take a bible (I took a nice and red one) and carry it over to the “science fiction” section. Place it in a nice rack and walk off. That’s it.

If this type of protest becomes known more widely it will hopefully contribute to people realizing that we care, and that we are more in numbers than some opinion polls might wanna make you believe.

I consider this a nice way of showing a minimum of interest. The problem for us atheists otherwise always seems to be that by definition we do not organize ourselves into “believe-groups”. In a way this is of course a disadvantage. If we care what shape our society takes, and if we care for humanist values guaranteeing individual freedom, please speak up. Re-place a bible now and then, and maybe even join the brights society [1]!

PS. “My” bible can currently be found in some store in central Montreal 😉



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