Women mostly interested in looks

2009/05/09 § 1 Comment

There is an old cliche that says that women are more interested in their life partners character than looks. Of course we know nowadays, in the time of the “sexiest man alive” award, that this is basically BS.

However, a recent investigation from Sweden adds a pinch of science to the argument. In Sweden heavily overweight men have an almost 50% lower chance to ever get married than normal weight men. Interesting, but of course not surprising.

It is cute how the author writes: The result indicates that women value looks more than any other trait.

No shit, Sherlock… 😉

One would have to add that the notion of “character” is a badly defined one anyhow. Hence one would need a working definition in order to look at it scientifically. Furthermore, looks are an expression of ones genes. Genes are what we all must be interested in in order to guarantee the success of procreation. Logically looks being one of the best hints of our opposite’s genes, this is what we all should go for, if we want to pass on our own genes successfully.

Of course behavior plays a role. But most behaviors that could be interesting for child rearing for instance are not easily revealed. The only hint seems to be “femininity”. There are studies showing that women go for guys that look more feminine when their interest is a relationship rather than a short affair. Even though in this case one could argue a women is interested in a character trait (or a behavior) what she goes for in this case also is a physical trait hoping that it correlates with behavior positive in child rearing like faithfulness and a nurturing behavior. Obviously this has developed due to evolutionary pressure and some studies indicate that feminine looking guys may indeed exhibit a more nurturing behavior!

There have additionally been studies suggesting that women go for scent when if comes to choosing a partner. This behavior is well know from rats and other rodents and requires further proof in humans. However, the scent of a human seems to be based on ones immune system (MHC molecules play a role). The hypothesis therefore is that a women would choose a partner partially by his immune system since that appears to further survival success of common offspring.

Finally, a number of studies have indicated that women merely take a few seconds in order to decide if their opposite is in any way worth being investigated as a potential mate. Certainly not the stuff a good character analysis is made of, but enough to check a chest or shoulders to waist ratio indicating an alpha-male potential…

Interesting stuff… stop fooling yourself… drop the character nonsense… it is all in the looks… 😉



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  • Daria says:

    Sorry, my English is awful but it is just a comment, right? It is so interesting to read what YOU (“the-best-looking-guy-I-ever-met”) think about this! Quite predictable conclusion though. Don’t you think? However it is not enough to compare highly overweight guys with “good looking”. The absolute majority of the earth population is none of them but average. And then it is so subjective “a good character” or “good looking”. More likely is to fall for “suitable” rather then for average “good”. Then it is not just health is good looking but we usually think that the guy is attractive if he carries the gens those combined with ours will result in healthiest offspring. Then the character is usually “written on a face” and vice versa “a nice guy” is character itself: self confident, easy to smile, social, lovable. So I think that it is not strictly correct question: good looking or good character. It is the same in most cases and I strongly believe that it should sound “I think that you are handsome because you have qualities I like and your character makes you look the way you do”. With an exception for Dorian Grey, of course.

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