Day 242 – Niagara – a childs dream

2009/05/06 § Leave a comment

As a child I remember reading about the Niagara falls, and being completely stunned by the dimensions of it. Ever since it has remained a dream to go and see the falls with my own eyes. Today, even though aware of the fact that Niagara is not the highest, nor biggest, nor most water carrying fall, I went and let it stun me.

Niagara fallsIt was in fact an impressive sight. Even thought the situation of the fall, right by a skyline with some major buildings and an amount of tourists that is almost as overwhelming as the falls is apparently not exactly romantic, it has been a great experience. The edge of the water looks almost surreal as you close in using a boat. You get to go extremely close with the boat and get a decent shower!

People warned me of the extreme tourist feeling you get being there, which was correct. But they also said you must go, and that was true as well. I can recommend it, absolutely! However, watch out for the different offers. Mine was a bit too pricey I figured out too late. There are big differences, also in what is included. Our tour included the boat and a winery tour. However, forget the winery and just get transport to the falls, since the falls are right by the bus stops. The boat is just an extra 15$ (CDN). This should save you a few bucks…

Either way, very enjoyable…


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