Day 242 – Inverse culture shock

2009/05/05 § Leave a comment

Clean, efficient and expensive, that is Toronto so far, and thereby it is the first country that I would describe like that in quite a long time. Coming here felt like coming home in a sense, and not the good one. When leaving Mexico I had already started to close the book called round-the-world-trip. The last few days being grounded in Cancun were actually not bad in order to have myself arrive back in the non-traveling mode, which we call normality.

Many things are still to be digested and Canada will contribute to that sorting need of mine, I can feel. Unfortunately it seems to also contribute to some old little “bugs” of my human operating system. The cold here seems to contribute to some little aches I had almost forgotten about. I start to understand why people much older than me feel more comfortable in warmer weather. Maybe after all, we are not made to live in the cold. Maybe beach and warm water should be the standard way?

In a strange way and rather sadly, my trip feels over now. It was not entirely unintentional to spend the last weeks of my trip in a country culturally much closer to home for adaptation reasons. It is like a culture shock in reverse. The cleanly swiped streets of rich Toronto look sterile to me and peoples surprising friendliness so different from the random rudeness of all poor places I have been to. I am not noticed any longer, for better and worse. And the coldness of the weather combined with the flora recovering from a long winter reminds me why Europeans love to leave their cold home places.

However, I enjoy the fact that Canada has some comforts to offer that I had almost forgotten about. Clean toilets (and indeed I was looking for the paper basket 😉 ), certain foods, fast internet, comfortable transportation… Unfortunately this is as exciting as it gets for the moment. Maybe the Niagara falls and some nice people will snap me out of my post-travel-depression… 😉


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