Day 239 – Paralyzed Mexico

2009/05/01 § Leave a comment

Even though there are far less people infected with the by now infamous “novel virus”, aka A-H1N1-flu, aka Swine flu, and many less have died from it, yet Mexico has come to a stand still.

While the news about the virus seem to herald a positive development the Mexican government has decided to close down the tourist industry and in fact much of public life.

This comes as no surprise when looking at the WHO reaction to raise the alarm-level to five of six. But that decision in turn comes as somewhat as a surprise. When considering that the WHO says also that this virus is not very lethal, one wonders what the excitement is all about then? They warn it could mutate into something more lethal. That seems an awful lot of speculation to me.

However, Mexico is down, two more to go. I will try Canada and the USA as my last destinations before returning to reality in Europe. I am glad to have been to Cuba, since now it is impossible to get there. Before other countries impose restrictions it may be wise to get out of here.

Hence, maybe the virus will cut even that trip to Canada short, but I am getting closer to the end anyhow, and some days less now won’t kill, just as this virus is unlikely to do so… 😉


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