Day 238 – The tongue-twister flu

2009/04/30 § Leave a comment

The thing that is on everybody’s daily schedule is to check the news, in order to see what is going on with the flu, which now is not called “swine” anymore, since it discriminates against pigs, who seem to be innocent. Instead we are supposed to use the comfortably short name A-H1N1-flu.

img_20731Whatever we call it, it does trouble people here, but more so it troubles people who look at Mexico from outside it seems. While people here are reacting demonstratively cool about it and try to go about their daily business, it must come across to the external observer as if Mexico has become collectively sick and chaos ensues. The truth is however that, despite extreme measures by the government in Mexico City and the half-hourly message on each TV program, life just goes on.

In Cancun life goes on almost undisturbed and were it not for some people wearing masks one would not be reminded of the situation at all. However, the whole thing is a nuisance since we do not know where we are heading with this and if it is safe for us to be heading towards Mexico City. Less so for fear of infection as more for fear of the flu spreading and inhibiting the touristic possibility. Mexico City already has been rendered useless from a tourist perspective.


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