Day 237 – Bay of Pigs

2009/04/29 § Leave a comment

img_2071A day-trip to Isla de Mujeres was the attempt to get away from the ever present topic swine flow, which looms in the media constantly.

Some of us have flights to catch from Mexico City and the situation becomes more tense on an hourly basis. Someone here is planning to go to Cuba, but the Cubans have stopped all airtraffic between Mexico (country) and Cuba.

I am uncertain what to do, since traveling to a city which has closed all parks, museums, restaurants and many shops is not so thrilling. But I have a plane to catch there… Like me, many consider changing their plans now.

On the other hand the countries available to go to from here are decreasing, since the flu is spreading. Also Colombia does not allow Mexican flights in right now, and the US and Canada have their own cases, making us wonder if there is a point in going there, maybe just in time for a proper outbreak in these countries.

Traveling under these circumstances is tiresome and not so much fun any longer. The situation changes constantly, usually for the worse, and some expect all flights to be stopped leaving Mexico City and in the worst case Mexico.

Realistically we apparently are far away from such a drastic decision but on the other hand, no one would have thought last week that by today Mexico City would have come to a complete stand-still!

So we laid on the fantastic (!) beach of “Mujeres”, sipped a beach, took a dip and were only indulging in one very different thought for a change: “man, isn’t life just wonderful and easy here?” đŸ™‚


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