Day 227 – Caribbean chill in Trinidad

2009/04/24 § Leave a comment

Finally, after looking for a cozy place in Cuba, I might have come across it in the shape of Trinidad. To be quite honest, the touts and hazzlers here reach a new dimension for Cuba. Nothing in comparison still to many other countries, but if you do not want to pay too high prices then you stay away from the touts who get a commission which you will pay in the end.

img_5808However, I got a lovely place (somewhat illegal) for little money and look forward to staying here for a while. With its cobble stone streets and the little churches and plazas the place sure comes across as what you think of when you hear the word Cuban. A band playing some swinging music for the tourists, a big fat cigar along with it and a Mojito on top of it all, and Cuba does all of a sudden look much more acceptable, despite its flaws… 😉

The Mojito- and I have made it a mission to sample them a LOT- has not been much to my, or any of the people who I met, satisfaction. The reason might be that the lemon harvest was bad and there are not many lemons to prepare this delicious drink. Remember, if life deals you lemons, you make lemonade, but what do you do if life does not even deal you that? A nice metaphor for the state Cuba is in. They do not even have the lemons…

Sad but true, I have to stick to the local beer to quench my thirst after long days of…mostly not much. There are bits and pieces to do here, but mostly it is about hanging out in style it seems. Fine by me. Maybe I manage to go diving some time, but that is so much activity at once that it needs some days of consideration and thorough planing. That is for another day, I guess. For now it is back to the Mojito testing and cigar sampling… 😉


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