Day 222 – The guy in the Hawaiian shirt

2009/04/19 § Leave a comment

The cliché is that US Americans in Mexico run around in a funny colored shirts (Hawaiian style) and cargo-shorts and with big cameras around their necks. They pay well for overpriced food and still add huge tips, shop for memorabilia until their credit cards starts to melt from all the swiping and think that the perfect English speaking Mexicans at their all-inclusive hotel exhibit the most genuine and stereotypical Mexican behavior possible. They feel that going to a Mexican tourist resorts is a wild adventure and they boast about it back home. They also think no one will ever manage to fool them.

Playa del Carmen, MexicoI was sure such people would not exist, but I have seen them! I have seen at least one of this species in Playa del Carmen, not far from Cancun, where all the US Americans go. I do not mind that I was wrong with my assumption that so much ignorance can not exist. In the end we are talking about US Americans- everything is possible in the USA. And everything is bigger in the USA, even the idiots. But what is on their mind, I wonder?

Have they never seen movies in which US Americans abroad on a beach-holiday are portrayed as morons, and they always look just like themselves? Or have they seen these movies, and read about the stereotypical US American but have a nicely twisted humor and like to deliver just what people expect them to be? Or maybe they want a quiet holiday and be left alone, so they use a disguise, as a shield of sorts, knowing that most intelligent people will avoid them, out of pure terror and fear that stupidity may be contagious after all? Chances are of course they simply do not know what they are doing.

Maybe we will never know?


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