Day 220 – Arriba Mexico, ayayay…!!!

2009/04/17 § Leave a comment

Playa del Carmen, sunriseOn the way to Mexico already things started to change rather significantly. The undecipherable quasi-Jamaican slang was substituted by the clearest and most well sounding Spanish I have come across yet. Lovely to listen to. And that coming from a guy who hated Spanish for the longest period (that guy would be me)!

I admit that it helped that the Mexican Spanish came from some ridiculously pretty, mindbogglingly sweet and quite simply, ginormously cute Mexican female.

This is however contradicting common travelers’ wisdom, who tells you that beauty in Mexico concerns the country, the landscapes and if you insist, Selma Hayek, but does not extend to women in general. However, here it was, a reason for hope. Sadly though, the following days revealed that indeed there is no such thing as Mexican women pleasing the optics generally.

Strangely, similar things seem to happen frequently, in several countries I went to. Impressive initial sightings are not followed up by much. For obvious scientific reasons this circumstance should be investigated further.

How do these pure coincidence defying incidents occur? What underlying cause is at work, or which natural principles? Alternatively one wonders if in the process a widespread conspiracy is going to be unveiled? Is the Mexican (and other) tourism board involved?

Are we looking at an attempt to alter men’s opinion on a large scale? Are men being manipulated into vacations in places, believing they posses a chance of meeting a mate for live? Is the international tourism industry making dirty money with the hopes and dreams of unsuspecting men?

We do not know the answer yet, it is obvious that whatever the answer is going to be though, it is going to be pure news-dynamite!

An application for a research grant dealing with this topic is underway. It will finance an investigation into the matter by me- and my research assistances, Myself and I- to travel to more than 80 countries in order to discern what really is going on.

I can not wait to see result come in from this research project. By the way, then UK and Germany are not going to be part of the countries being part of the investigation…not hard to guess why, or is it? 😉


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