Why we hate America- six more good reasons

2009/04/16 § 4 Comments

#1 Americans boast about their wealth, but the US is not the wealthiest nation, as many seem to believe [1]. It is annoying if people brag about something that is not even true. Obviously you must look at wealth per capita, when doing so, the following nations are richer than the USA: Luxembourg, Qatar, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Belgium, France, Canada, only then follows the United States almost on par with Germany. Hope that does not shake your self-esteem too much…

#2 Along these lines: you often hear Americans brag about their generosity when it comes to giving foreign aid. But in reality the US is one of the nations who give least, when compared to other industrial nation!

“[Americans] are regularly told by politicians and the media, that America is the world’s most generous nation. This is one of the most conventional pieces of ‘knowledgeable ignorance’. According to the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the US gave between $6 and $15 billion in foreign aid in the period between 1995 and 1999. In absolute terms, Japan gives more than the US, between $9 and $15 billion in the same period. But the absolute figures are less significant than the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP, or national wealth) that a country devotes to foreign aid. On that league table, the US ranks twenty-second of the 22 most developed nations. As former President Jimmy Carter commented: ‘We are the stingiest nation of all’. Denmark is top of the table, giving 1.01% of GDP, while the US manages just 0.1%. The United Nations has long established the target of 0.7% GDP for development assistance, although only four countries actually achieve this: Denmark, 1.01%; Norway, 0.91%; the Netherlands, 0.79%; Sweden, 0.7%. Apart from being the least generous nation, the US is highly selective in who receives its aid. Over 50% of its aid budget is spent on middle-income countries in the Middle East, with Israel being the recipient of the largest single share” [2, 3]

#3 The US are an intolerant nation. If you are an atheist in the US you are in trouble [4]. A minority of Americans would vote for a president who is atheist. That despite the fact that atheist commit less crime [5, 6] and are the “smarter fraction” of the population [7] as many studies have shown!

#4 Americans have a notoriously bad attitude towards international institutions. In numbers this is best expressed by the huge amount of money that the US owe the UN. Despite many Americans believing that their nation finances the UN heavily the truth is that they never pay what they are supposed to. The current debt of the US towards the UN is more than one billion US$! [8]

#5 One of the main reasons for hating the USA of course is that they interfere with nations’ internal business often ignoring international laws and going against UN resolutions. Examples include the Vietnam war, where the US even invented an attack on their ships that never actually happened [9], in order to justify their attack on Vietnam! Outrageous! Naturally some feel that the US got what they deserved in that war.

Other examples include Nicaragua, where Reagan even violated the US constitution in order to wage war [10], Panama [11] and Iraq, where close to 100,000 civilians have been killed to date due to the US invasion, probably already as many as have been killed by Sadam Hussein! Or take the illegal war on Serbia [12] where the US yet once more went against international law. And so on, and so on, and so on…

#6 While the decadence and negative cultural influence of Hollywood and its products can be a matter of argument, their tendency to fake even historical facts in order to make the US look good can not. One of the most preposterous examples can be found in the movie “Enigma”. The movie tells a story based on historical facts but does it in such a way as to give the US credit where it actually belongs to the British [13]. I guess the US’ actual achievements are so poor that they even have to invent them. The problem with this is that the poorly educated and dumbed down US public is likely going to believe these inaccurate movies. Making them yet once more proud of a nation for reasons that actually do not even exist, instead of- as we would expect- for once being humble in the face of the plenitude of their failures!

2)”Why do people hate America?” by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies, 2002. p79
8) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_and_the_United_Nations#The_U.S._arrears_issue
13) http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2009/feb/25/u-571-reel-history


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§ 4 Responses to Why we hate America- six more good reasons

  • John Turner says:

    And yet your post is in English. You are what we Americans call a whiny little crying bitch.

    • davidkramer says:

      Thanks for your comment. My post is in English so the ignorant American can read how much he sucks. And “whiny” only to someone who cannot handle criticism. The rest you say is simply an attempt to insult…right back at you…

  • thejakes says:

    #1: Definition of Wealth: an abundance of material possessions and resources.

    from the last time I checked the U.S. has THE most abundance of material possessions and resources.

    #2: “USA’s aid, in terms of percentage of their GNP has almost always been lower than any other industrialized nation in the world, though paradoxically since 2000, their dollar amount has been the highest.” http://www.globalissues.org/article/35/us-and-foreign-aid-assistance#Almostallrichnationsfailthisobligation

    We still give the MOST amount of money.

    #3: I take it that you are athiest. Altough, I could be wrong. The U.S. was built upon the belief that there is a God. To vote someone into office who does not believe in the core values upon which our country was built, doesn’t logically make sense. As you said, “A minority of Americans would vote for a president who is atheist.”. A MINORITY would vote for a president who is athiest. That’s because to become president you need a MAJORITY.

    #4: The total debt the U.S. owes to the U.N. is consistently lower than other U.N. members.

    #5: Every nation that has ever existed and that will ever exist will make mistakes. Even though going into Iraq was an error in information, its not a failure. Saddam was a very evil man and I don’t believe anyone will argue against it. What you don’t understand is that the MAJORITY of Iraqi’s WANT the U.S. there to provide security while they establish their own government that will not commit chemical warfare against it’s own citizens. That is based upon the experience of a brother who went two tours in Iraq. We could argue all day about whether or not it was illegal.

    #6: I don’t know whether or not you live in the U.S., I take it that you don’t. The reason I have come to this conclusion is that if you did, you would know that MOST Americans know that Hollywood and its productions are NOT what the “dumbed down” U.S. public believes. Hollywood is full of liberals who only consist of 20% of the “dumbed down” U.S. public.

    I love my country, and I respect your opinions. But, I believe they are slanted with ignorance and that is my opinion.

  • #7: Americans are unable to handle any sort of criticism; as if their collective cultural insecurity is in denial of how inept they really are. Great blog post. Fk America!

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