Day 215- Mayan sky scrapers

2009/04/11 § Leave a comment

Tikal templeTikal is an impressive place. In the middle of the jungle Mayan temples pierce through the canopy like ancient sky scrapers. They tell the story of a civilization that once was the pinnacle of central American achievements and yet they faded all of a sudden.

Though hard to imagine standing in the middle of the green jungle today but a drought was probably what put an end to the Mayan civilization. Often times people think that the problems we face today, especially when dealing with the resource problem, (like the coming shortness of our oil supplies) that we will find a solution, because “humans always did in the past”.

Tikal is a powerful example for how untrue and naive this attitude is. Even a highly developed civilization like the Mayans could come to an end, because of something silly like a problem with the resource water. We better learn from examples like that before also our sky scrapers become an eerie artifact…


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