Day 212 – Semana Santa in Antigua

2009/04/10 § Leave a comment

Antigua, alfombras, semana santaAntigua is the place to be when it comes to the celebrations in the weak before easter, called semana santa. There are processions all day long in which men carry around a huge statue of Jesus and women a statue of Marry. It was quite a show! Despite the processions themselves there are plenty of food stands in the market place and people party he whole week.

One specialty are the so called alfombras (carpets) which consist of flowers or colored sand and which are arranged in an artful way depicting religious symbols and themes. The amount of people invading Antigua is amazing. But it is quite understandable because the place is not just interesting for semana santa, but the town is one of the most beautiful central American places I have seen!

The cute little streets with their cobble stones and colorfully painted houses, the churches and ruins from the colonial era and the cute little cafés and restaurants all produce a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Well worth a visit!


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