Don’t be a believer, be a knower!

2009/04/08 § Leave a comment

Paranormal events are always rather normal. The only “para” about them is peoples’ resistance to evidence against them. This has been exemplified recently in a little prank by two people, going by the names Chris Russo and Joe Rudy, who faked a UFO sighting [1]. They let some balloons with lights attached on them loose, called into a radio station, released a youtube video and voilá, the UFO believers had a new story.

It is interesting how even self-proclaimed experts totally fell for this prank! Not so surprisingly maybe, because these people want to believe in it so strongly that they become immune against evidence showing them to be wrong.

crop_circles_swirlIt reminds me of a conversation that I had the other day. Some guy, let´s call him Tim, explained that Quantum physics shows that “there is more to us than just the material”. I told him that my understanding of the matter (which is more than he has) tells me that quantum physics does not proof any such thing, because it is relevant on a scale that does not affect us.

However, he disagreed and commented that scientist are wrong if they neglect or reject the “evidence for the paranormal” that stems from such research as the one on quantum physics. It only occurred to me afterward how heavily flawed his thinking is. And how peculiar his attitude towards science and scientists.

It appears that Tim, and many with him, puts his trust in scientists when he believes that the scientific findings of quantum physics are true. He accepts findings such as some very weird and paradox effects of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle [2] and things like the resulting EPR-paradox for instance (complicated and weird stuff, but Tim apparently believes it) [3].

While Tim has no problem trusting scientists and accepting their findings which he does not really comprehend himself, he rejects the explanation of the findings by the very scientist he trusted before and who DO UNDERSTAND them. He instead comes up with an unqualified interpretation himself! A truly paradox behavior, but an annoyingly common one.

It appears to me that people with a strong tendency to superstition and the paranormal will believe anything that supports their queer ideas, and reject whatever they dislike [4].

I think my former boss Jan Hörling expressed it best, when he, in a private conversation with me once, uttered a surprising sentence that stuck with me ever since and probably will until the day that I die. They were simple words, though nevertheless heavily profound. For me, they exhibit a deep and fundamental knowledge of the human psyche and the wisdom of comprehensive experience. It is a sentence that has been proven to be correct at numerous occasions and has been a useful spiritual guidance for me throughout the years. He said: generally speaking, people are morons.

[4] for much more on this subject check this blog:


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