Day 209 – Antigua, Guatemala

2009/04/06 § Leave a comment

Antigua street stands with backpackerThe city of Antigua- the former capitol of Guatemala- sure is a pearl when it comes to beautiful old colonial towns. I think it is the prettiest I have seen so far in South and Central America! Not so much more to say really. Except that this place is not just pretty, but rather safe too.

That being said. On a bus trip a policemen came up to us and warned us of the danger of pickpocketing. And sure enough, just some hour later some guy tried to steal my iPod from a pocket with a zipper. The zipper was opened when I left the bus. Thanks to the fact that the iPod was stuck in the pocket he could not steal it. This was the first pickpocket attempt on me that I became aware of.

Amazing how smooth these guys do it, however, I was still lucky obviously! I got to be yet more cautious!

The saddest thing was that we could not climb one of the active volcanoes which surround the city, because it was spewing toxic fumes. Maybe some other day, or I have to return to this country some day in the future. That would not be the worst thing at all… 🙂

Colonial building in Antigua


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