Discrimination of men

2009/04/04 § Leave a comment

Lately I am stumbling over an interesting topic more frequently: discrimination of men. It is very much to my surprise that it took that long, but it seems the mainstream media, at least in Germany starts to discover this topic for themselves.

What happened? A group of women utilized the topic of equality of the sexes in a way for themselves that eventually lead to anything but equality. Not surprisingly really because the basis of the feminist movement which claimed to have equality in mind never approached the subject in a way that could have led to equality. In fact, there is very good reason to doubt that the ideological idea of the feminists could ever be carried out.

But I spare you the lecture of why feminism is deemed to fail for now, and concentrate on one interesting example of where men are discriminated against.

Boys are disadvantaged at school

Discrimination against men starts very early on. Boys are discriminated against in school and under-perform. They are told that they are dumber than girls (sounds familiar? How was that a hundred years ago? Just reversed…). Interestingly, it has been shown though that female teacher give boys a worse rating for the same achievements! A very interesting source is Christina Hoff-Sommers book “the war against boys” [1].

I am afraid we see now what many have feared all along; that is that feminism is not leading to equality and maybe never wanted that in the first place. But that feminism has led to a reversal of the discrimination. Now men seemingly are becoming the victims.

A Swedish study has shown that the dominance of female teachers inhibits the development of boys [2]. The report states that boys need male role-models in order to develop normally.

A report from Germany comes to similar conclusions and says: boys are massively discriminated against! They find that the dominance of women in Kindergarten and school is to boys’ disadvantaged [3].

Feminism seems to have failed boys. And women seem not to be able to cope with boys’ behavior- if we do not want to assume that the discrimination they carry out is on purpose. Many studies have shown that women give results not based on achievement alone but that their judgment is tainted by the students’ behavior. Oftentimes girls disturb classes less and are quieter which gives them an edge over the boys with female teachers.

Interestingly, I have a little story of discrimination myself. In school we had “cooking” as a subject. When we wrote a test once I was one of the few who had studied for it. A girl next to me copied all my answers and when we got the results back, she had a better mark than me, even though we had exactly the same answers! In fact all girls had better marks than the any of the boys.

Me complaining to the female teacher did not change anything. Possibly this teacher simply thought that girls must be better than boys at cooking which biased her results, or maybe she just did not like boys in her class.

While this seems like a harmless example the truth is that boys are increasingly forced into under payed jobs because of worse results on their resumes. Furthermore more women have the chance to study because of it, since the German system for instance in many cases gives admission to university based on school results.

[1] http://www.amazon.com/WAR-AGAINST-BOYS-Misguided-Feminism/dp/0684849577/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1238520987&sr=8-1

[2] http://www.genusperspektiv.se/?p=1600

[3] http://www.spiegel.de/schulspiegel/wissen/0,1518,612997,00.html


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