The root of all evil: Consumerism

2009/04/03 § Leave a comment

Interestingly I have had several conversations with people about how we seem to have become lost in sheer consumption for consumption sake in places all over the world. And how in the light of peoples’ poverty in nations over here, in Central America, it all looks bizarre and misplaced. Especially the USA- the number one crook when it comes to destroying the environment and abusing the worlds natural resources- seems to be the major consumer junky.

Interestingly studies have shown, that there is nothing satisfying about consuming [1]. People in the US are less happy now than they were in the 60s before consumption substituted old fashioned values like being compassionate and interested in others. And they are less happy than people in Europe, where consumption has a lower value and people think less “ego” and more “society”. In the USA a new type of egoism [2] seems to have replaced the communal thinking and every attempt to legislate things for the better, by introducing help for the poorest (like national health care) comes under suspicion of being “socialist” or even “communist” or worse yet “LIBERAL”!

I can not deny that it gives me a mild satisfaction to see these things coming to an end. Even though bizarrely enough, right now they preach to consume more on US media, even though that is what caused this crisis of the worlds economies in the first place! When watching CNN and Fox News the other day (in order to study modern time propaganda) they were saying somewhere that “scientist had found out that restraining from consumption makes you unhappy”!

I know, it sounds like a bad joke, but they were serious about it. The scientist by the way were some psychologists, the same guys who still believe that homosexuality is a disease and has to be healed [3], even though “real” scientist (I.e. people who do not just make up stuff) have collected strong evidence to think otherwise [4]. hence, how reliable are there “scientific findings”? You may be the judge…

PS. I know that the real root of evil is religion [5], hence I apologize for my header 😉



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