Day 204 – Granada- Nicaragua at its sweetest

2009/03/31 § Leave a comment

It is hard to deny that Granada is a cozy place. Even though people hyped it so much for me that it was hard to immediately feel impressed, but after walking around a bit and having a couple of beers with some nice guys from all over the world the atmosphere of the place became apparent also to me (no, not just because of the beer 😉 ).

GranadaAs always though you have all the ills that come with a constant stream of tourists. Like beggars, the ever so annoying money changer and touts who hazzle you to a hostel to get a commission. But once you have dropped your luggage off in one of the really lovely hostels the relaxing atmosphere of the place starts to engulf you.

There is really nothing unusual about this place and yet, the little plazas and parks, old churches and colonial buildings, the cute cafés and restaurants and not least its situation right by lago Nicaragua all make you feel at home instantly. Too bad I am in quite a rush at the moment otherwise I would probably hang out a bit longer.

Besides that Nicaragua in general certainly is not as safe as some guidebooks want to make you believe. The LP states that Nicaragua were the safest of all Central American states. However, travelers report differently. Like the British couple I met yesterday who told of them being tricked into a collectivo (taxi) and being robbed and held hostage for three hours until they withdrew money and gave it to the robbers.

The crooks showed some sense of humor when they left them telling them to be cautious since Nicaragua were a dangerous place…


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