Day 202 – Heaven is a place on earth?

2009/03/30 § 1 Comment

Ometepe is a fantastically special place. The world’s largest island on a lake consists of little more than the tops of two volcanoes in very close proximity to each other. Hence the island sticks out of the smooth surface of lake Nicaragua like two pimples from a teenager’s face. Just much, much more picturesque.

Ometepe, Santo Domingo beach

Ometepe, Santo Domingo beach

And much more relaxed than would be allowed anywhere else in the world. When they invented the saying that time runs different in a place, they thought of Ometepe. Every house seems to be obliged to have a hammock in the front and no one seems to be allowed to pursue any kind of labor between 12 midday and five in the afternoon. Not quite, but it sure feels like it.

The best thing is that here tourism fortunately has not taken hold of everything- yet. If word spreads about this place I can see the resorts growing. Hopefully not, so hush hush… 😉

Today I rented a motorbike in order to cruise around the volcanoes and marvel at the beautiful landscape and beaches. Thanks to the fact that I have no license to even legally touch a vehicle like that the beginning was a bit shaky. But after some 30 minutes I was already racing the locals (idiotically considering the condition of the roads- did I call pothole infested dirty strip of land around the island a road?).

Very much fun, even though now I hardly feel my wrists due to the shaking, jumping and vibrating around all day. The place is indeed marvelous! With all its beautiful beaches, cute little cottages and the friendliest people I have met in awhile. I even met someone from Germany. It was an interesting conversation where we both informed each other to come from close to Cologne. Moved on to: “More precisely Euskirchen”. And eventually “Mechernich”.

Who would have thought I would meet someone from my tiny little hometown on a remote island in Nicaragua? I did not know her really but we knew the same people at home. A truly bizarre and surreal feeling in a place like this. An interesting conversation about leaving “home” for good (she lives here now), the downsides of Germany and the problems of adjusting to a different culture followed. And how heaven sometimes turns out to not quite being heaven…


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  • David A says:

    Thanks for the accurate description, David. I have been to Ometepe a few times and each time I find it more enjoyable than the last. I get to relax more on Ometepe than anywhere else I have traveled.

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