Day 198 – Adventure tours in the Jungle

2009/03/28 § Leave a comment

As mentioned in a previous entry, the Costa Rican tourist industry in Monteverde and Santa Elena offers everything you could think of in terms of activities. I decided to do a canopy tour which is however more of an adventure trip than a “ecotouristic” experience.

However, it was fun and beautiful up there in the top of the forest amidst the giants of this ever wet and green mountainous forest. But now I feel I am done with this place or rather the way its exploitation is carried out. I move on to the cheaper (hopefully) and more natural Nicaraguan natural wonders…

Talking to a British Lady today I realized that it was not just me feeling there is something wrong with that. Most tourists here are not backpackers though but instead many US American couples and families. Well…they feel comfortable because they also think Disneyland was a brilliant idea. Personally I wish that this forest would not be turned into something like it. On the other hand, by doing this the tourist are kept to some very restricted areas and if you decide to go walking deep into the forest your experience is going to a more natural and real one.

But then again, I have spend enough time here and am now keener on moving on. Today I had another shocking experience when one load of laundry cost me more than 6 Euros! Not even in Europe would I have to pay this much. As far as I am concerned it is clear that the Costa Ricans do not want me here… 😉


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