Day 196 – Head in the Cloud forest of Monteverde

2009/03/26 § Leave a comment

Even though Costa Rica is so expensive compared to the other Central American countries and most South American countries that it feels like a rip-off, it is beautiful. It is pleasant for a change to find people who speak English. On the other hand comes with it the rip-off attitude of too many and overpricing.

The food is not all that expensive really if you stick to local places but when it comes to anything tourist it is merely insane. Prices are like in Europe or the US. They want some 45$ for a two hours canopy tour in Monteverde or more precisely in Santa Helena Cloud reserve. It better be good! Don’t get this wrong, were it in Europe it would be a normal price or even be cheap. But if you pay some 20 cents for a bus ride of half an hour and three Euro something for a complete local meal you start to wonder…

I take the trip tomorrow, meanwhile the clip below got me interested enough in order to come here in the first place.

The whole tourist-shabang is going on here: canopy tour, hiking tour, night tour, snake tour, humming bird tour, children’s eternal forest tour, waterfall tour, frog and butterfly pond, horseback riding, coffee tour, sugar cane tour, tarzan swings, orchid project… it is amazing! If you wanted, you could EASILY spend more than several hundred dollars per day on tours, who often cost up to 65$ a piece to just walk into a forest! Insane. Sure time to get to cheaper Nicaragua after this.

I was surprised that some people skipped Costa Rica altogether, but now I get it. Their reputation is worth too much on a tight backpacker’s budget. However, I am sure that the tour tomorrow is gonna be nice. And what value do you put on something like this? On a maybe once-in-a-lifetime experience? Exactly, who is to say…


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