SD card write protection problem

2009/03/23 § 2 Comments

My Kingston Card reader/ memory stick, i.e. flash drive combination is a wonderful small invention perfect for traveling and it was cheap as well. Maybe too cheap? Recently one of my SD cards gives me a problem. When I stick it in my windows XP running Asus computer says “write protected”. “Turn write protection off or use another card”. Thank you. That means throw the shit, I thought.

I checked many blogs and found some that had to do with a malfunctioning memory stick/ flash drive/ reader. However, I had that problem before, but my memory stick on the reader worked just fine.

The solution is really simple: just tape some scotch or similar tape over the SD card’s write protection slot. The reader then “thinks” the SD card has no write protection funtionality and indeed does everything you want with it.

Check this blog, where I found it:

In case you have the former mentioned problem with the memory stick (flash) itself. This is a great example of things I hate about Microsoft. On their page you will find a passage that says something like: stay the hell away from the registry, since you may fuck things up, but then again, sometimes windows itself is so fucked up that you have no frickin’ choice than to mess around with the intestines of the crappy OS we have provided you with and pray to your gods for the best…

They express a bit differently, but mean just that [1].

So, in case the problem you have is that your USB flash drive says it were “writeprotected” even though you are sure you never messed with it, then try the following [2], while being cautious –> Backup is the miracle solution! [3]:

Open the command line editor of windows XP (in my case, and in that case hopefully your, if I am to help you). You find that under “Start”, the choose “Run”. There you enter “regedit”. This starts a little program that allows you to operate within the holiest of sites of windows, the registry. Here all kind of actions and behaviors of the system are set.

Go to the path:

CurrentControlSet\Control \StorageDevicePolicies

This is simply a folder within a folder and so on… The final folder, the one you are looking for is called StorageDevicePolicies, and as the name suggests contains the settings for how the storage devices (USB flash) should behave.

Here you right click on: “WriteProtect” and select “modify”. Here you set the value that appears to “0”. Press enter and that’s it. (In other words: Default value: DWORD=0)

Possible values are:
0 – Disabled
1 – Enabled

Yours was set to “1” I guess which protected it from being written on.

Now, things like this and a million other small things made me try Apple’s OS Leopard (back then actually tiger), or OS X (say: OS ten, but no one dies if you say as some, me included: OS “eks” 😉 ).

appleloveTo put it simple: I won’t go back for the moment. It is not screw ups alone that make me say that. Screw ups happen with every human made system (less so with OSX, for real!), but really it is the handling. Small things that just make no sense, like for instance: if I have a long list of alphabetically ordered folders in windows xp explorer and I jump from, let’s say some folder under “K” to the subfolders. I then realize that I was wrong, and jump back. I arrive at the folders starting with the letter “A” and have to scroll down. WHY, windows???

Anyhow, maybe I am not getting it, but with OSX I am not asked to get anything. It will just jump back to where I came from, since that in 99% of the cases is where I wanted to go back to.

I know it is a minor example and probably it will not make sense to you why that is so important unless you have been using OSX for some months. But then it makes a hell lot of sense…

That is why I hate Apple. Why would they program a system that runs only on Apple machines? Now I am stuck again with this buggy WinXP that I thought to have left behind me, because I work on this Asus while I travel. Why APPLE, WHYYYYYY???? 😉






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§ 2 Responses to SD card write protection problem

  • Saikat Laha says:

    I’ve tried to open the path that you’ve given but when i was on this part “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ CurrentControlSet\Control” i can’t find the “storageDevicePolicies” i’m using a windows xp service pack 3 could that be an issue?

  • armiller4 says:

    Keep in mind that some SD cards have a small sliding switch on the side that locks the card….much like the sliding tab on old 1.44 disks.

    I had the same problem with my 2 GIG Sandisk SD card……
    and I had to look on the side and unlock the small gray slider switch.

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