Day 191 – Cartagena

2009/03/20 § Leave a comment

Cartagena in Colombia was a crucial place on my trip. When I started planning the whole crazy adventure long time ago I came across reading about this place. For some reason it was a pinnacle, a high point, maybe a benchmark. It felt like, if I make it to this place in the north of Colombia- the dangerous Colombia- I have already survived so much on the trip that the rest will be just like a walk in the park. Somehow I never thought I would make it there, mostly because I thought I would shy away from Colombia. And secondly because I would have to travel thousands of kilometers by bus to get there, thinking I might just cut it short and fly to Panama from somewhere before.

But I had seen pictures of the place and knew that it must be quite a nice place to visit. So naturally, when I was finally standing on the city walls of Cartagena it felt a bit surreal and it was a somewhat deep moment of contemplation.

It is a lovely place by the way!


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