Day 188 – Glimmering fields and deep blue sea

2009/03/16 § Leave a comment

TagangaAnother night on a bus was spend when I went from Medellín to the coast. I was somewhat disappointed that I would not see all the green fields and little village by daylight driving through, but when you spend 16 hours on a bus you rather want to take a nap meanwhile. So I will have to come back to Colombia for that and so far Colombia is the one place that I really feel to come back to anyway- so it just fits neatly. However, it was a great experience anyway. I have never before seen so many glow worms in a place.

In fact I have no clue what they were, but the fields were erratically blinking away with tiny green lights. In places there were so many that it would seem as if looking at a clear nights star sprinkled sky. Just amazing! And this view went on for hundreds of kilometers on end…

For obvious reasons I cannot offer you any picture. You just gotta come here and see for yourself. 😉

Arriving in Taganga, which is a little fisher village the charm of the Caribbean hit me immediately. The place is peaceful enough to have me breath normally again after a couple of days speeding through places. My hostel is in the hill, and while swinging in a hammock I am overlooking the bay with its deep blue ocean. As in many of such places many arrived and have the hardest time to leave again…


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