Day 187 – Medellín

2009/03/15 § Leave a comment

Medellín still has a certain ring to it that makes it hard for people to imagine a modern and pleasant city. But despite the legacy of the drug-lord Pablo Escobar [1] and the civil wars he lead in Medellín the city is both nowadays, pleasant and modern.

Medellín art However, of course there are the same pressing social and financial problems present here as in so many South-American countries, even if poverty is not as obvious here as it is in other places.

The bus ride here was very pleasant in fact, but mostly owed to the fact that I met a very nice guy who helped me out. He basically made it his mission to get me from Bogota to Medellín. Without him I would have probably missed the bus and when I arrived he sorted out a taxi to get me to a hostel. A very pleasant thing if you arrive at five in the morning after a shaky and bumpy us ride.

I suppose what they say about the friendliness of the Colombians is true. Another pleasant factor is that the taxi drivers so far have not tried to rip me off. While they do use taximeters (I have come to like the fixed price system of Peru for instance) they seemed to have restraint from giving me the big-city-sightseeing-tour. Very pleasant…

After a night of allowing myself a holiday from the street vendor and fast food, I had some fantastic food at a very nice local restaurant with some US Americans I met at the hostel and some far too many drinks over playing pool afterwards… It is very pleasant also that a night out like that, which is worth some 250 Euro at home (yes, a lot of scotch and rum indeed) costs less than 50 here!

Now it is time to sober up and catch another night bus to the coast. I can´t wait to be by the water again. I had enough city plazas and churches for a good while.


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