Day 179 – San Francisco de Quito

2009/03/10 § Leave a comment

Ecuador is one of the nations that are not as heavily frequented by the stream of travelers than most other south-American nations. However, many have assured me that there is plenty to see and to do. You have the coast with plenty of beaches and surf opportunities, the east with the amazonian rain forest and the colonial cities. I have decided to restrict myself to the city of San Francisco de Quito however, for several reasons.

Quito is a pleasant enough city to spend some days in. Though, when asking my receptionist which part I should avoid in Quito she said: “every part in Quito is dangerous”. Probably that is one of the reasons the tourists are not that plentiful in this place?

However, walking around the town during day is not too much of a problem in most places. Nevertheless one should ask as there are some areas that should not be frequented on foot even by day. I ventured into one of them without knowing about it today, but quickly realized that it felt a bit dodgy. When I turned away from there and eventually asked a tourist-police about it, she said that I should under no circumstance walk there but take a taxi through…

All this said, the place I pleasant enough and there are some nice old colonial buildings. The new town is not really pretty but has some very nice parks. In general the place has very nicely maintained parks, with fountains and little artificial rivers and the like, where people hang out and relax. Set in a valley surrounded by volcanic mountains reminds of La Paz, and gives a nice and cosy atmosphere. For sure Quito is not the highlight of cities in south America but not the least interesting either…

PS. By the way, an awkward fact is that Ecuador uses US-Dollar, but they also have some cent coins on their own….


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