The science of geeks and nerds

2009/03/09 § 1 Comment

During my regular reading up on new scientific findings (geek alarm) I have stumbled upon an interesting if somewhat less scientific article discussing what the nerd culture is and why it has such a negative connotation. The article concentrates on why women shy away from computer associated jobs, and goes on to speculate that it has to do with women not wanting to end up being looked at as nerdy.

While this is pure speculation- at least in regards to the data provided in this article [1]- I am wondering what chances male nerds have with women? The article seems to suggest that women are drawn to geekiness or at least nerdiness like the devil would be attracted to holy water!

If you have recently checked an episode of “the big bang theory” [2] you have found that these guys struggle to get women. However, I wonder if these guys are nerds at all. Or are they geeks instead? Or should we rather think of the CSI [3] scientists as the cool geek type?

The article suggests that there is a difference between geeks and nerds, in that a nerd is what you are while a geek is what you do. In some more words: the fact that I am sitting at a bus terminal writing this story, sending it of via wireless internet connection using my netbook supposedly would make me a nerd a la “The big bang theory”. On the other hand; the fact that I do so in Colombia, at night, on my way to Medellín, after having penetrated (pun intended) the party scene of Bogota quite heavily would suggest me to be a geek in the spirit of CSI. Or to quote the article: PC users are nerds, MAC users are geeks. Exactly my thinking. So far this perfectly acceptable definition.

Nevertheless, as I see it, the real problem is that people have not realized that geeks are indeed cool. Or to put it another way; it is not of much help if girls think that (as one once said to me) “it is ok to go for a nerd/geek (she did not distinguish I think to remember) when you are a bit older, because they are the right guys to be with when you look for some stable relationship” (presumably you are done screwing around with the cool guys at that point, who ended up in jail, while the nerd is bringing in the cash at that point…frustration… 😉 ).

Would someone please tell those women that it is alright to go for nerds and geeks basically at any stage of your life, please?

But then again, if I understand the article right (and that is my personal somewhat free interpretation) maybe we should rather turn many more of those hot chicks who have some brains (where to be found? 😉 ) into computer-whiz-nerds and science-geeks! Then we get the steaming lover who brings back home the cash as well… what a nerd´s dream… 😀



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