Day 173 – Lima’s facades

2009/03/03 § Leave a comment

Lima is a nice city, in places. In fact it is the first time that the poverty of the place really hit me. When walking around Miraflores, which is the area where the rich live I was so taken by the atmosphere that I would have spontaneously agree to life there for a while. Maybe work there and start a social life. Sure, the nice girls walking around there would have helped too… 😉

rich and poorWhen hitting the center it is easy to be taken by the grandeur of the architecture and the pleasant business as well as the nice shops, cafés and well dressed and polite people. However, one just needs to pass the parliament building to the north in order to witness a surreal scenery. Right behind the splendor and wealth there lies the poverty. Funny colored buildings house people in not wuite so funny living conditions.

The favela style housings resemble a backdrop for the wealthy facade of the Placa Major, or formerly called Placa Armas. As the a dutch guy put it, who sat next to me when we took more than an hour on the bus, passing the endless poverty that is Lima’s suburb: wealth in Peru is nothing more than a facade, the rest is misery.


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