U2 vs. Tv on the Radio

2009/03/02 § Leave a comment

No line on the Horizon: A new album that has been awaited for quite a while, at least by me. The disappointment is almost as great as I expected. The whole thing sounds nicely enough, however, there is no novelty whatsoever. After listening to the songs for the third time they sound very familiar already. This is certainly thanks to the fact that they all sound like something they have done previously. Now this is the third album in a row that completely fails to surprise us the least bit.

Is it just me or are we entitled to expect something more than a mere repetition of the same old? No matter how nice and smooth it all sounds and how fast we hum along, we did not need the third pointless album in a row. Give us some surprise, something like an “Achtung Baby” would be nice, but I would even settle for a “Pop” album, just not to have the same old…just not to be neither fish nor meat.

In that way I guess the title of the album has real descriptive power: no line on the horizon, like the band had made the album in dramatically thick fog, unable to find orientation, unable to give the album any, just really any direction at all… [1]

If on the other hand you want something absolutely refreshing, just go for TV on the radio and their last album Dear Science [2]. The songs have the right amount of experimentation to them but never go so far that it would be weired just for the sake of being weired. It is an easy listening piece that manages to entertain and not to bore with its plenitude of fun ideas. Songs like DLZ and Love Dog keep you listening for a while to come.

So if one would ask me about U2 vs ROTV? But then again, no one asks me… 😉


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