Day 172 – (More) Philosophy of traveling

2009/03/02 § 2 Comments

I am still working on the philosophy of travel. What is the difference between traveling and taking a holiday? What is the right way to travel?

Some truth about the two:

A holiday always feels too short while traveling has its mental limits. One becomes blasé and bored after a while of the miriard of churches, temples, beaches, hostels, changing beds, changing people and the ever same stories they tell.

A French guy nailed it the other day, why that is, in a little comment, unnoticed by many; he said, when you take a holiday you leave your sorrow at home, when you travel you take them with you.

I suppose that is why I love traveling, and why so many believe that while traveling you can learn things about yourself. It is the real life, yet, not quite and not completely. Traveling is live but watched from the other side. If you haven´t already, you must try it.



§ 2 Responses to Day 172 – (More) Philosophy of traveling

  • SureRentals says:

    This subject can be interpreted many different ways. Both can involve family, friends, and a good time!

  • The Harebeat says:

    One thing about traveling is that it can be a lifestyle.. or a philosophy by itself.. there’s some kind of romantism in it.. exploring new worlds, cultures..

    While holiday is a way to take rest after working hard..

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