Why we hate the USA

2009/03/01 § 4 Comments

Or sometimes someone asks: Why do they hate America?

Well, that right there is one of the first reasons. We have largely adopted your arrogant denomination of your country, the USA, calling it “America”. As if there were no other nations on this continent, and as if there was no south America neither?

Well, but these are peanuts-topics compared to why we really despise your country. And no: we do not hate you for your lifestyle, as you seem to always assume. Where do you even get such non-sense from? We hate you for what you do to maintain your lifestyle.

In discussions with US-Americans about why everyone on the planet seems to hate them, I usually encounter an attitude of extreme self-defense, a complete lack of understanding. I have rarely met someone from the USA who listens to the arguments made about the failure of their nation, but instead they start some pseudo counter-attack. As if it makes their nation any better.

My favorite counter attack was a response to my attack of Bush as a near-totalitarian leader. The guy answered that Germany (obviously trying to attack my native) had had Hitler. Good comparison in fact, but even I did not want to go that far in attacking Bush… 😀

But seriously, if you need a quick top ten list of why we hate you, here we go. I will attempt to show you that the nation you think is so great is not all that great after all. There are plenty of nations on the face of the earth doing various things much better. And I will also give some examples of your reckless behavior that endangers all of us, enhances poverty and leads to military conflicts.

Reason 10
The USA consumes 1/4 of the worlds oil reserves [1] and gives a damn about human rights in order to get to them [2]. Or do you really think that Iraq had nothing at all to do with the future oil supply of the US? The US reacted complete disproportional to 9/11 by resorting to torture and ignoring the Geneva convention.

Reason 9
The USA protects war criminals by not ratifying the treaty of the International criminal court, which has been accepted by the world community to the largest extend. The US decided to join leading democracies like Russia and China by not joining [3].

Reason 8
The US fails to admit to a large number of world wide initiatives to make the planet a safer, cleaner and better place. The US failure to submit to the Kyoto protocol is only one in a long line of them. Generally speaking the US is the dirtiest country of them all, both in total emission of CO2, energy consumption and many others and per capita. The average US American pollutes the planet more than citizens of any other nation [4].

Reason 7
Despite the wealth of the USA you do not manage to provide your citizens with a decent health care. You only rank 24 in the world by life expectancy [5], and in 2000 your health care system ranked on place 72 as compared to all other nations [6]. Lame. It reflects your egoistic society where money rules all.

Reason 6
Your society is anachronistic. When comparing the equality of men and women it turns out you rank on 27, just behind Cuba and Barbados and merely ahead of Namibia [7]. Well done!

Reason 5
The USA is a prison state. Nowhere in the world are more people arrested, both in total numbers and per capita [8]. Your society is incapable dealing with social issues, hence all you have left is authoritarian control of your people. How 18th century is that? It does not reflect a modern democratic society.

Reason 4
You are war mongers. On the global peace index of nations most at peace and striving for peace, assembled by the Economist, you rank 96, not surprisingly [9]. The US has not been at peace any time since the second world war. I will not even go into all the catastrophic interferences of troups and/or the CIA into foreign affairs in south America, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world…just read “An economic hit man” as a starter!

Reason 3
On a ranking for freedom of press 20 nations do better than you [10]. This is the more painful as you boast at every opportunity that your freedom of press is so great. In fact almost all European nations are better, I.e. freer than you.

Reason 2
You do not know shit about the rest of the world. Young US Americans scored second to last in an international comparison of geography knowledge [11]. And no, Peter, it is no excuse that the USA is a relatively speaking big country. Peter’s argument was that due to the size of the US people care less about the rest of the world. If that were true Russians wouldn’t have to know any other country. Ignorance can not be excuse by anything… And this is just an example, US American ignorance reaches further than just geography.

Reason 1
The biggest reason of them all why we hat the USA and all its people is simply that all the above are facts, yet you still believe you are better than the rest of us. You are not, and if you were a bit humble about it we might start to like you.

Trust me, a brown president is not going to change jack about it!



Little addition due to a comment I got:

The US is not the wealthiest nation, as many seem to believe. Obviously you must look at wealth per capita, when doing so, the following nations are richer than the USA: Luxembourg, Qatar, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Belgium, France, Canada, only then follows the United States almost on par with Germany. Hope that does not shake your self-esteem too much… (check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GDP_per_capita)


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§ 4 Responses to Why we hate the USA

  • Chad Stoker says:

    Reason 10) Wow. If invading Iraq really were about oil, then when we invaded… and took control… don’t you think oil prices would have gone down? Invading Iraq was about Bush Jr. stupidly thinking that everyone on the planet represented a clear-and-present danger to the U.S. At least get your gripes straight and move away from the conspiracy theories.

    Reason 9) Are you claiming that you dislike Russia or China? Perhaps if the country you currently reside in was also a world power of significance, it would not “ratify the treaty” either. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a super-power in all of history that didn’t do something to maintain its power. Get used to it!

    Reason 8) *sigh* I love the theory that only the U.S. citizen or country as a whole is capable of polluting with disregard for the planet. I guarantee you that if another free & capitalist country had such a high standard of living as the average U.S. citizens do, that it would pollute equally and possibly more. (Waiting to see what China does.) Yes… as a world leader we should set a higher standard, but I can’t point out another country that’s succeeding in taking the “high road” with respect to GDP growth versus Environment.

    Reason 7) As if the life-expectancy rate is directly tied to the capabilities of our health-care system?? OMG! You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s got to be the most meaningless statistic I’ve heard in a while. You ever looked into how those statistics are produced? There’s lots of problems with health care in the U.S. but it has no correlation with how interested U.S. citizens are with $$. Sounds like you’re just basically complaining about people that make more money than you.

    Reason 6) I love the antagonism of this statement. It totally ignores the reality of how the U.S.A. is going through momentus changes today with a minority as its elected leader. It also ignores all of the earth-shattering changes that the U.S.A. has gone through in the 20th century. Anachronism… ha! Cracks me up.

    Reason 5) Interesting argument. It suggests that there is a state on the planet that is better than us in some way… at dealing with social problems. Of course, in order to effectively evaluate this premise, there would have to be another nation with exactly the same make-up and history as our own. Then, within that duplicate nation, we would measure how “capable” it is of handling Social differences based on the number of people in prison. Is that right? No… again you are ignoring how much money the U.S.A. has at its disposal to imprison people instead of executing them or releasing them despite their crimes. If other Nations had equal financial capabilities, perhaps they would have less executions and more prisoners as well. I guarantee you that the U.S. justice system sees to it that we have the most cushy prisons in the world. My brother-in-law is in one, my father has served time in one, and my friend has served time in one. They all broke the law, they were released (or about to be released) and are still alive. I hope to god that if I ever break the law… it’s NOT in a country outside of the U.S.A!

    Reason 4) On this point, I agree with you. I’ve never understood why the U.S. is so focused on running around and meddling in revolutions or simply taking over whole countries. It costs money and good-will from abroad. The only thing I will note here is that Britain stood idle while the Germans took over Europe, which resulted in the most drawn out conflict in history. The genocide of the Jewish people! As a result of the allies NOT intervening in foreign affairs sooner, the Jews ended up becoming convinced that the world was against them and millions fled to Israel where they felt they would be safe. Perhaps if the U.S.A. and Britian could have intervened sooner, the world would not be facing the problem it has today between Arabs and Israelites. Instead, Jews would be safe and free from persecution in Europe. Mankind is imperfect and NO NATION avoids making attempts to control its own destiny.

    Reason 3) The degree of freedom of speech certainly depends on who is in office to an extent. None-the-less, I don’t see Chavez, Putin, Castro, etc. exercising great restraint when it comes to protecting freedom-of-the-press. The U.S. freedom-of-the-press seems good enough to me and better than most.

    Reason 2) Well, the more countries we invade, the more multi-cultural we become. Eh? Nobody in the U.S. cared about Afghanistan or Pakistan before 9/11. EVERYONE knows and cares about it now. There’s a good counter to issue #4. Seriously though, perhaps your disdain ought to be focused more on the elected officials that make foreign policy than the U.S. public at large.

    Reason 1) I love your final racist comment here. It certainly identifies how truly “cultured” and “well versed” you are regarding social issues. Ha! In all honesty, I think this boils down to propoganda and rhetoric. The rest of the world needs somebody to hate and the big guy in charge is ALWAYS the first target. It applies at your Job, at your Company, and with your Nation. It’s human nature to have disdain for those with greater strength and control than yourself. However, if you’re intelligent… you will look objectively at how that society has developed over time, what caused it to make the decisions it did, and gain further understanding.

    As a happy citizen of the U.S., I hope you learn to expand your understanding of human nature and apply it to all conflicts… including those within the U.S. of A.

    • davidkramer says:

      Sorry, I wont have time to respond to all your points. I leave it up to someone else (should no be too hard to deconstruct your arguments 😉 ). However, one quicky; you seem to base a couple of your arguments on the assumption that the US is so rich, that you cannot possibly do any better. That is of course nonsense. Mostly because most of the countries which are doing better than the US in so many ways are more wealthy than the US on top of it! The US only ranks 17 in the world by GDP per capita. So there are 16 nations better AND richer than the US. If anything wealth helps most nations to sort their social issues out…

  • Karla says:

    Happy american??? It should be because you had a few drinks in your beautiful big house, beautiful but dirty, most of the people I know in USA don’t clean their homes and they do critize other countries for having dirty streets (part of their arrogance. They should start by cleaning their own space. THEY ARE JUST PRETENDERS. Maybe 5% of the people is different, so if you are one of them don’t take it personal.

  • Me says:

    FREEDOM ON THE PRESS????? What are you talking about?? Yeah… Specialy when they talk about illegals, they don’t want them here but how come there are more than 10 million?? Don’t you think someone let’s them in? Do they want them or not?… I think they do, but they have to pretend they don’t that way they will do the work nobody wants to do.

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