Day 171 – Ceviche de Lima

2009/02/28 § Leave a comment

CevicheI have started my endeavor of trying Ceviche in every country I encounter from now on. Ceviche is pickled fish, whereby the raw fish is marinated in an acid-mixture of lime or lemon juice and several spices. The one I had today was spicy hot with chili peppers and naturally sour. Very fresh and tasty, just the right dish for the hot Peruvian coast weather. Best enjoyed with a ice cold Pisco sour topped off with whipped egg-white.

When savored in one of the fancy restaurant of the Miraflores district with a view of the fine colonial architecture (yes, the Spanish got some things alright) in Lima it is not just a fiesta for the pallet but also for all other senses. I must admit, even though Lima may have its dark corners of poverty and crime ridden neighborhoods, but if you have money in Peru- and your travel wallet makes you one of the wealthier individuals down here- it is a place that can be enjoyed tremendously…


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