Day 170 – Lima Carnival

2009/02/27 § Leave a comment

It is very hard to find a Carnival in Lima. It seems that the only real Carnival place in the country is in the north east, called Cajamarca. I did not plan to go there and hence was forced to attempt to get some fun in Lima. We found a place where the local youth was dancing to drum beats and was throwing water bombs at each other. One internationally common theme seems to be alcohol consumption though. Logically one can always feel at home just concentrating on this cultural similarity.

Nevertheless, me and some guys I had met at the hostel decided to check out the nightly party scene in town. We found some bars that had some heavy partying and girls who are very proactive in initiating contact, but less active in finding cloth that resemble much more than a bikini. We were rather forgiving about it though… Nevertheless, the fun ended early for us, as most bars close at three in the morning at which time bizarrely enough the nightclubs do not let more people in anymore.

carnival street party, Lima

carnival street party, Lima

There was only the strip club option left the cab driver insisted, but naturally that was not an option at all. I am not a big fan of the idea to be paying loads of money for beer while money-craving females annoy the hell out of me by trying to get you into their pants in order to get money out of your pants…

Maybe next time we plan better. Hence that would be my advice to you: if in Lima, hit the dance floor before three, or else you reduce the risk of hangover the next day dramatically, which on the other hand is not the worst per se… 😉


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