Day 169 – Alien invasion at Nasca

2009/02/26 § Leave a comment

The dessert fields of Nasca, close to the Peruvian coast, have amazed people ever since their modern rediscovery. While some see them as an offering to the Gods in a ritual designed to persuade the Gods to let it rain on this godforsaken place, others believe that they were landing strips for alien visitors.

The Nasca lines are simple etchings into the dessert ground. Since the ground is covered with little gravel stones this special form of pertoglyphs is based on the absence of stones recognizable as drawings. The drawings themselves range from simple triangular shapes to monkeys, spiders, hummingbirds and so forth. One figure is interpreted as an alien with a space suit by some.

These nut-cases unfortunately decided some years ago to invade the dessert and cruise around with very earthly vehicles in order to achieve…well, that is the question!? Whatever these aliens had in mind (not too much, else you do not come up with stupid alien ideas) they destroyed many of the figures. Congrats! Another victory for stupidity!



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