Day 167- Raining season strikes back

2009/02/24 § Leave a comment

José with magical plants healing cancer...The last day of the trek had us experience the reason this time of the year is called raining season. It poured down on us for most of the trek especially on the last part. But with some of the walls of Machu Picchu peaking over the edge of the plateau we were in the best mood despite being soaked. It seems normal rain-gear is not made for this type of rain…

Strictly speaking Machu Picchu is the mountain towering over the plateau where the fortress of Machu Picchu was erected. Machu Picchu was never finished since the Spanish arrived when it was being built. Hearing about the cruelty with which the Spanish had made a name for themselves the inhabitants of the Machu Picchu fortress abandoned it. The place was forgotten and never found again until the 19th century.

We arrived into the worst possible hotel at the place. While Aguas Calientes is not really a cosy place at the foot of the mountains to Machu Picchu, it has some nice hotels. We did not get one of them. Contrary to what we had been promised there was neither hot water, nor a window, nor a double room, but only triples, but instead there was a constantly running tap and mold on the walls and our sheets.

Mountains surrounding Machu PicchuBe aware that the agencies in Cusco are amongst the worst that tourists can encounter. They will tell you anything to sell and keep very little of their promises. I hazzled them and promised to come back with the tourist police if I would not get a financial compensation. I got a nice amount of money back. It is not guaranteed that paying a higher price gets you better comfort. We were not lucky with it. But ask around if you can before you book since in my experience neither the look of the place nor the price are any guideline.

However, our guide José, from the forests around Cusco was a treasure. He was not just a gentle soul but also a good source for all kinds of information about things on the way…


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