Day 166 – How to: Surviving the Inka trail

2009/02/23 § Leave a comment

Inka trail sectionWe were lucky with the weather since we had sun all day despite the fact that we are in the middle of the raining season in Pe4ru right now. The Inka trails are paths through the mountains which connected the mountainous parts of the proud Inka empire. Many small trails lead into the mountains and walking many of them is a neck breaking endeavor! At many places you are sperated from several hundred meters of free fall by just a few centimeters of gravel paths.

It is impressive how these people organized their cities and their trade with simple methods. They also had a communication system in place utilizing the trails. Runners would bridge up to 20 kilometers running, pass on the message to the next runner and so forth. Thereby messages were transmitted over far distances crossing seemingly nonnegotiable terrain.

The end of the day was spend in thermal spring water in this fantastic landscape. Surrounded by waterfalls and visited by butterflies did we recover from a long day walking. Living like god in Peru…

Hotsprings and butterflies


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