Day 165 – Joyriding to the Inka trail

2009/02/22 § Leave a comment

Jungle trek, biking sectionAfter some struggle with agencies we finally booked a trip that led us to the top of a mountain north of Cusco from where you can enjoy a tremendous view. We were handed some mountain bikes and started our journey downhill all the way to the valley. We were a mixed group of Chileans, one US American (yes, Peter, US American, because the term American alone includes also South Americans 😉 ) and Hans-Christian from Norway and myself.

It was wild and fun to ride down the steep mountains, through water streaming down the mountain and passing oncoming trucks just barely. Probably good we were told afterwards that people had been killed by doing what we had just done. Wet but happy did we check in our very basic hostel in the middle of the forest. While the girls spend the evening mostly screaming while searching for the big spiders in or around our accommodation (a task guaranteed to be comparably successful as searching for sand in the dessert) I and some guys spend the time sampling the local beer varieties.

It was early to bed for a long hike on the Inka trail the next morning…


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